Radioactive Lake Michigan

Something that I haven’t heard about in the mainstream media. I think it time to reassess our stance on nuclear power. Getting real sick of hearing about reactor leaks and mutant fish. Investigators have discovered a half-inch long crack around a nozzle on one of the tanks of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, and have attributed the […]

Endless War! Washington Finally Admits the True Reality of the “War on Terror”

The real tragedy of America’s policy of endless war, is it is going to bring about the destruction of this Republic. American’s are still in a state of shell shock over 9/11. And during the ensuing days and months thereafter were broken down and rebuilt into our current state of impotent War Mongers. It is […]

Sequestration likely to shrink U.S.A.’s Hegemony

As the due date for automatic military spend cuts draws near, many companies around the country are beginning to worry. With a required cut of $46 billion layoffs are on the horizon, somewhere to the tune of 1.2 million according to Stepehn S. Fuller of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason, privet contractors […]

Sum Response to Nuclear War

Is it not a little strange how little of a response there has been to North Korea detonating a damn Nuclear Bomb last    week? On top of which they have threatened South Korea with “final destruction”. After ‘prologue’ that was the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, has the world finally opened to Chapter 1 of […]

Over Pumping Undeground Water linked to Climate Change

“Over-pumping of groundwater for irrigation is mining dry the world’s ancient Pleistocene-age, ice-sheet-fed aquifers and, ironically, at the same time increasing sea-level rise, which we haven’t factored into current estimations of the rise,” says Allen. When is the world really going to face the facts of the dynamic world? Ground Water and Climate Change 0

Is the Department of Homeland Security trying to be ironic?

 or just gigantic dicks? Resent documents reveal the DHS bid for 7,000 AR-15s, dubbed “Personal Defense Weapons”. So if  “assault rifles” only belong in the hands of soldiers on battlefields, and Homeland Security patrols America’s borders and cities, does that make our country a war zone? Read on:  DHS buys 7000 full-auto assault rifles, calls […]

Cultural of Pedophilia in Islam

This is one of the those articles that is scary true, or an inflammatory piece of propaganda. Whatever the case may be, the U.S. Army has just release an updated training manual for soldiers in Afghanistan. It is resigned to deal with the rampant pedophilia, Islamic homosexual conduct, advocating women’s rights and anything related to […]

16 Trillion! In the Bank!

The audit of the Federal Reserve Bank has yielded some pretty massive numbers. We’re talking Sixteen trillion in ‘secret loans’ to bail out foreign banks and businesses the world over. What does this mean for the American people? Who the hell knows, cuz any answers that are given are going to be lies. Read some […]

Obama Assassination of U.S. Citizens; 11 Docs Every American Should Read

Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security.  Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons.  The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an opportunity to use national security as […]