Time Traveling via Technological Invention

I’m into the first few chapters of Kevin Kelly’s “What Technology Wants” and it turns out to be a history of the earth by way of our technological development. The scope of this book is truly awe inspiring, and presents technology in its evolution over time from the first fire (an extension of our stomach) […]

Toxic Planet… Is it too late? Probably.

The amount of garbage we produce on the planet is staggering. The amount of toxic chemicals we produce daily? You don’t want to know. I like to think of myself as a conscientious consumer. I try and buy second hand whenever possible. I make all my own skin care. I shop local as much as […]

Thought Crimes Spread in China

A 16 year old boy was arrested in China for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”. Just chalk this up to the coming wave of Though Crimes arrest that will soon swipe the ‘civilized’ world. Full Article here… 0

David v. Goliath – The next game changer?

Seth Godin got an advance copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book – which is being released on October 1st – and put together a little teaser review.  Looking forward to having my mind blown. 🙂 0

Radioactive Lake Michigan

Something that I haven’t heard about in the mainstream media. I think it time to reassess our stance on nuclear power. Getting real sick of hearing about reactor leaks and mutant fish. Investigators have discovered a half-inch long crack around a nozzle on one of the tanks of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, and have attributed the […]

Corporate Powers Set to Reap Untold Billions from Africa

  Tax avoidance, secret mining deals and financial transfers are depriving Africa of the benefits of its resources boom, ex-UN chief Kofi Annan has said. Firms that shift profits to lower tax jurisdictions cost Africa $38bn (£25bn) a year, says a report produced by a panel he heads. “Africa loses twice as much money through […]

Self Healing Concrete, Yep.

Civil engineering: Concrete, heal thyself!  It’s useful stuff, concrete, but it does have drawbacks. One of the biggest is that it is not as weatherproof as the stone it often substitutes. Salt and ice… Read more at The Economist 0

Sum Response to Nuclear War

Is it not a little strange how little of a response there has been to North Korea detonating a damn Nuclear Bomb last    week? On top of which they have threatened South Korea with “final destruction”. After ‘prologue’ that was the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, has the world finally opened to Chapter 1 of […]

It is ironic that to achieve happiness in this life

is to find meaning, generally through means that are not, in and of themselves, happy or fun. To face life and all it’s various cruelties with a strong mind and goal driven outlook is the stuff happiness is made of. There’s More to Life Than Being Happy – Emily Esfahani Smith – The Atlantic Meaning […]

Capitalism: Cult or Free Will Market?

The thing about Capitalism is, it used to be what separates the entrepreneurs from line or office workers. A culture of capitalism allows for rich ideas to raise to the top. Trickle down economics works just fine when coercion isn’t a problem, when a company uses it’s resources to enrich the society in which it […]

A Great Design for Garden and Chicken Coop

If you have the space and time, this is just a great plan for a garden and chicken coop. “My engineer father was not fond of wasting time or energy. He was always searching for a better, more efficient way to perform chores, especially chores that reoccurred often. Two re-occurring chores he enjoyed were gardening […]