welcome to the world without time

welcome to the world without time

Our lives are a sum total of the choices we make. – Wayne Dyer

This place is our special place … we welcome contrarians, anarchists, athiests, artists and learners… you will find great nerdgasms, things about recreating our future,  plus our outrage, sarcasm and joy, where appropriate (basically curated news and articles, but we’re generally reaching far corners of the interwebs or putting together stories to question a narrative). We’re info addicts, and believe in the power of the internet to change minds (to a certain extent 😉 and we thought our obsession may be valuable to others (since we’re OCD about it anyway, we may as well inflict our knowledge upon the masses and see what happens, right?). Importantly, we value our time and yours.  In that vein, we promise that anything you read here will either be short enough not to matter, or important enough to be worth your reading. Look forward to sharing the craze amaze of this fucked up and awesome planet.

Love Amanda, Red Tempter the Murderer of Death
and Kyle, Black Killer the Hated of Earth

PS: Note from Amanda: Kyle and I have been developing, designing and redesigning this fucking website for over 5 years now. So its a small miracle that we’ve at least come to the “good for now” stage. I had this quote on my sapphireweb site for a while: “Art is never finished, only abandoned” -DaVinci ………..web design, if you can call it an art form (which I think it is – though it is generally bad), embodies that statement as no other artform does. In particular because the web is an interactive medium, and we’re at just the beginning of understanding the design requirements of the human brain. Of course I have my own ideas, which I hope you’ll take mental note of as you interact with the site.  🙂

Back to inception…I think we finally settled on the main categories probably a year ago (after 4 years of refining) and I’ve been perfecting features and functionality and form of the community since then. And so here we are. We look forward to sharing with you!