Peter Jackson’s “Forgotten” Masterpiece


Peter Jackson knows how to create a spectacle.

Whether its 300,000 orc-slime laying siege to the city of Gondor or a lawnmower-wielding Norman Bates-style character destroying his zombie mother in a 100 gallon bloodbath finale or the sweetness of two teenage lesbian killers.

In my opinion, however, Forgotten Silver is his most spectacular film ever.

Half¬†mockumentary, half showcase of Mr. Jackson’s obscene knowledge of film history, film technique and guerrilla film making, Forgotten Silver shows why a relatively unknown director in 1997 was given the reigns of a $300 million, three part film know as the Lord of the Rings.

Chronicling the life of “lost” filmmaker Colin McKenzie and his many achievements; from making the first color film, syncing audio to film for the first time ever, to actually filming his own death. This film demands a revival and for every student and lover a film, as cliche as it sounds, this is an absolute Must See.

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