<<<<< we’re publishing on a variety of platforms, and were tracking them all, so join us on your favorite.

twitter: our posts and occasional reposts – we’ll get more into twitter promise.

reddit:  sum choices posts plus our stream with the reddit community. .. this is mostly kyle right now. I’m just delving into reddit regularly.

google plus: track our posts and activity. I really love google plus, but my people haven’t moved yet.

facebook: track our posts and shares. this is both of us.

instagram (our drunk photos, our cat tio and random food)

imgur (our travel photography. some of my collages, random stuff. we trade cameras so often when we travel, I find it hard to remember who took the photo. gotta get some more stuff up 😉

pinterest: efficient living for a small planet. food, survival, skills, home, quality of life.

tumblr – just our blog posts for now.


youtube – kyle’s amazing music playlists, and my random mixes. great for parties. seriously do it.