The Week Magazine – Leading the pack in the Blog Redesign Wars

The Week Magazine’s website changed over to a single column, tablet centric, format about a month ago. And the Atlantic just joined.. I love it. I love the simplicity. I love the condensed navigation. I love the suggested posts formatting. The only issue still is the slow (and endless spinning wheels) load times. Which Im guessing […]

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5 best car seats 0

Is the DMCA a violation of the First Amendment?

MPAA Gets Its Wish: Court Basically Says It Can File Bogus DMCA Takedowns Without Concern For Fair Use (via Techdirt) Well, this is unfortunate. We’ve been covering a somewhat bizarre, petty legal squabble between two bloggers who have very different views about birthing methods, and who have a history of sniping at each other. Eventually […]

A Chistmas Time of Pain and Sorrow

The ultimate showdown of sad with Catwoman and Jules. The sads. They have them all. To slaves and whores!   0

A Great Design for Garden and Chicken Coop

If you have the space and time, this is just a great plan for a garden and chicken coop. “My engineer father was not fond of wasting time or energy. He was always searching for a better, more efficient way to perform chores, especially chores that reoccurred often. Two re-occurring chores he enjoyed were gardening […]

Portraits on Maps

UK illustrator Ed Fairburn creates beautiful portraits out of roads, borders and other key features. Ed said of his work, “I paint, draw and construct using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, allowing my practice to exist across various disciplines. The work I produce is largely self-directed, […]